Returns new threads

  • category (optional): thread category (see below), defaults to “all”
  • type (optional): “created” to get new created threads, “updated” to get threads with new posts, defaults to “updated”
  • full (optional): 1 to get body of original post, 0 to get only thread info, defaults to 0
  • limit (optional): number of threads returned, defaults to 10
  • format (optional): format of the response, “xml” or “json”, defaults to “xml”


Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

		<created>10.06.2011 15:45</created>
		<lastPostTimestamp>15.07.2011 09:33</lastPostTimestamp>
		<body><![CDATA[Ein Songzitatequiz....lorem ipsum...]]></body>
		<created>09.06.2011 18:51</created>
		<lastPostTimestamp>17.07.2011 18:12</lastPostTimestamp>
		<body><![CDATA[Ein Autoquiz....lorem ipsum...]]></body>

Threads are returned ordered by creation date if type is “new” and by date of last post if type is “updated”. Order is descending (newest first).

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